Stella Artois wanted to celebrate the craft that’s gone into their Chalice. So we asked ourselves if an object that looks beautiful could also sound beautiful. We partnered with Andy Cavatorta, an MIT grad known for the instruments he’s made for Bjork. Andy created four instruments using the Chalice and we gave them a stage in the Bowery - NYC’s musical epicenter. Cold War Kids then used the instruments to write a song, film a music video, and in live performances. The result: a rich brand experience complete with sounds never heard before.

Cannes Lions Design Shortlist

Stella Artois / Mother NY
Artist / Inventor: Andy Cavatorta 
Co Creator: Matt Nolan
Engineer: Karl Biewald
Director: Dustin Cohen
Editor: John Mattia
Music: Michael Coffman
Production Company: Greencard
Producer: Max Knies
The Teaser

Meet Andy, The Craftsman

The Chalice Symphony Featuring Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids' Music Video | Shot By La Blogothèque

The Song On Itunes

The Full Documentary

The instruments